Snowboarding to NirvanaExperience the ride of a lifetime!
  Published in 10 foreign countries, a national bestseller in the U.S., backed by a vigorous national advertising campaign, Surfing the Himalayas has become a contemporary New Age classic. In Snowboarding to Nirvana, the sequel to Surfing the Himalayas, the crack American snowboarder masters the secret of the missing dimensions.

Nadia, reading On the way to spiritual enlightenment, he encounters earthly love. Through the teachings of a beautiful and wise Danish woman, he discovers more than he thought possible about the "truth" available to him through Buddhism. But he learns the true way only after first succumbing to the garden of earthly delights.

Kathmandu offers tests and eventual truths. Again Master Fwap guides the young American to enlightenment via the hot sport of snowboarding, training his mind toward pure concentration where he must "not think of the thing, just see it."

Blue Buddha

This time down the mountain a mystery must be solved before the Buddhist lessons can be understood. A third character, the wise, mysterious and humorous Oracle of Nepal, introduces the hero to an ancient Tibetan Tantric text which proves crucial for solving the riddle of the missing dimensions.